Journal of Multidisciplinary Academic Tourism

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Industry 4.0 Technologies and Its Effects On Tourism Economics
Pages 1 - 9 
Burak Mil, Cüneyt Dirican
The Impact of Tourism on Turkish Economy (1963-2015)
Pages 11 - 22 
Ahmad Wali Furmolly, Berna Kırkulak Uludağ
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The Evaluation Employees’ External Prestige and Organizational Support Perceptions in Terms of Demographic Characteristics: A Study in Hotel Enterprise
Pages 23 - 36 
Gaye Deniz, Betül Eser Çetin
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An assessment on Recreation Studies at Higher Education Level in Turkey
Pages 37 - 50
Mustafa Murat Kızanlıklı, Muhammet Cenk Birinci
Intangible Cultural Heritage Museum in The Heart Of Turkey
Pages 51 - 65
Beyza Adıgüzel, Ayşe Selin Dülger

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Promotion of Health Tourism and Evaluation of the Principles of Marketing of Health Services
Pages 67 - 88 
H Ömer Tontus
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Book Review 
İl İl Türkiye’de Turizmin Çevresel, Ekonomik ve Sosyo-Kültürel Etkileri-İçerik Analizine Dayalı Bibliyometrik Bir Yaklaşım
Pages 89 - 89 
Yusuf Karakuş
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Journal  of Multidisciplinary Academic Tourism - JOMAT is an open-access electronic journal that does not charge any author fees, any article submission or any article processing. This is due to support by its founding researchers and academicians.  Both supporters belong to the each others. Jointly, they launched the JOMAT in 2016, and at that time, they also agreed to finance it. 

JOMAT is a new type of academic journal in Tourism. By involving a large research community in an innovative public peer review process, Jomat aims to provide fast access to top-quality papers. Modern communication technologies are used to find for every research issue the best virtual team out of a network of highly motivated researchers from all over the world. Thus, publishing is seen as a cooperative enterprise between authors, editors, referees, and readers. Jomat offers open access to all readers and takes the form of an e-journal, i.e. submission, evaluation, and publication are electronic.

The Journal invites contributions related to the following subjects and their applications in tourism and hospitality:

  • marketing management
  • innovations
  • global issues
  • economics
  • consumer behavior
  • organizational behavior
  • culture
  • methodology
  • sustainability
  • beverage management
  • planning and development
  • financial management
  • gender issues
  • ethics
  • entrepreneurship
  • education
  • future trends


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