Why us?

Aims and Scope
Journal of Multidisciplinary Academic Tourism(JOMAT) is an explicitly international and multidisciplinary peer-reviewed scientific journal founded in 2016. JOMAT aims to publish both empirically and theoretically based articles which advance and foster knowledge of tourism and research that explores one or more of the economic, social, cultural, political, organizational, marketing, management or environmental aspects of the subject. We are also trying to give a new perspective to tourism-related activities. The journal encourages short commentaries and rejoinders and provides a rapid turnaround of submissions. In addition to regular length submissions, the journal also welcomes extended peer-reviewed papers on a single topic that combines detailed literature reviews with substantive empirical research and policy analysis. We also welcome supplementary material in the form of video, audio, photographs and additional supplementary about data, not included in the paper. The journal publishes Main Papers, Book Reviews, Review Essays and occasional Opinion Pieces. Book reviews and Opinion Pieces are by invitation only. We also commission Special/Additional Issues – please contact the editors if You have a proposal for a Special Issue or Opinion Piece.
Peer-reviewed statement of JOMAT.

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Rapid Publication

We believe that publication trials should be expedited so that authors work can be read worldwide without any delay. Typical time from submission to online publication is 4-6 weeks. We publish fast, but can also be flexible to your timelines. Please see the journal websites for details on how we can help you achieve your publication goals. Our rapid publication and personalized service is funded by article processing charges (please see details on the journal websites and instructions to authors).

Open access options

Open access is becoming increasingly important and it complements the need to be more transparent in the publication. All our journals are either fully open access or have an open access option.

Enhanced features

On speaking to our authors, we realized that many had supplementary article material with nowhere to publish it. Every article is published with a summary slide, for an easy-to-digest article synopsis. We also publish peer-reviewed slide decks, videos, animations, and interactive learning resources. You can submit your enhanced features with your article, or we can work with you to create appropriate enhanced features to complement your article data. All enhanced features undergo the same peer review process as the article, to ensure they remain an accurate scientific representation of the manuscript data. All sponsorship and disclosures are cited within the enhanced feature, to ensure complete transparency and adherence to good publishing practices.

Return on investment

It is important to know that the time invested in creating your article does not go to waste, and we will provide data to assure you of this in the form of metrics on journal and article usage, citations, and social media outcomes. Article-level marketing raises awareness of your article pre- and post-publication.


Personalized author care

We understand how frustrating poor communication channels can be between authors and the journals, and because of this we provide personalized in-house production processes. All articles are assigned a personal contact from submission through to post-publication to ensure that peer review, editing, and production runs smoothly and quickly. This means you never need to wonder what stage your article is at – we keep you updated throughout, or you can simply call or email us for status updates. We can also submit manuscripts, help style your paper, and request permissions on your behalf.


High visibility

We have thought about alternative ways we can present your data to increase readership and understanding, and to encourage a broader audience. Alongside your peer-reviewed article we have created features that provide a quick overview for physicians, and a simple summary for patients.


Forward thinking

With the increasing investment being made in electronic tools and iPads, we feel there are plenty of new and exciting opportunities available to explore to present data supporting peer-reviewed articles in innovative ways.